A ‘Vajrah’ body and mind is not dream of a layperson, who have to face the stress of everyday life, but of saints who have already conquered earthly attachments and kept it as their way of life. Quest for a system that could make “iron body and nerves of steel’, cornerstone of a stress-free long life, had led our sages to create a miraculous system called Yoga. Hindu and Buddhist saints as well as warriors belonging to various traditions, including the ancient martial system Kalarippayattu, learned and modified it to give maximum benefit to the practitioners. Modern science also accepts Yoga as a buster of physical and mental stress as well as an effective tool for extending the onset of ageing and keeping someone healthy and power packed in all stages of life.

Yoga classes and fitness centers are not rare in society; but why people are not able to lead a disease-free and happy life?

Young generations are earning quiet well but aging process has been advanced owing to increase in competition in education and corporate sectors. Result, an emotionally disturbed and easily agitating generation, which lacks mental and physical strength to take a quality decision. Most of them are dependent on medicine. Such exhaustion affects not only their efficiency in personal life but also the performance in professional life and hence the productivity of the institution and society they belong to. Just think how joyfully and efficiently people may utilize their lifespan, if their body is not complaining in the language of pain and their mind is tranquil like a deep ocean.
After seeing the burnouts and consequent sufferings of our friends, cousins and colleagues (interestingly most of them were trained in various fitness maintenance techniques or going to the gym regularly) in their productive years we searched for a system that could be practiced by all age groups. An important but less discussed point we heard frequently during our exploration was the ‘shortage of time for practice demanded by classical systems in the busy schedule’. Yes, that is true. All of us know that neither a student nor an employee can find much time for practice. Still we advice our friends to join traditional systems, which may need large space to practice and years to achieve proficiency or costly equipment to do the workouts. But they often end up in boredom and quitting the practice.
Keeping all these concerns in mind, we developed a system, combining ancient practices and modern systems for an integrated development of body and mind. This may take only a few minutes of a day for practice and is easy to incorporate in the routine. This easy-to-learn system could be practised by any age group and does not require any sophisticated instrument or large area. Easy techniques to make the mind calm and sharp are also an integral part of Vajrah’s training programme. Many of our trainers are the direct beneficiaries of this system and more people are joining the group to popularize the scheme they practice.


The physical and psychological stress of a teacher, who stand and lecture for hours, cannot be compared with the situation of an IT expert who sit and work on computer for the entire day. Respecting the plurality of the modern society, we have prepared a tailor-made programme to suit different lifestyles. Diverse programmes, woven over the basic system, have been prepared to reduce the wear and tear faced by different professions. So, you may be practising a system different from your doctor friend in the same session! For details of the programme suitable for you please contact ‘Vajrah Wellbeing’.